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Consumer Rights


In terms of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, its Regulations and in compliance with the provisions of the Official Mexican Standard Law NOM-247-SE-2021; By means of this document “MEXICO REAL ESTATE 4 SALE S. DE R.L. DE C.V.”,, commercially known as “Cabo 4 Sale” hereinafter “Cabo 4 Sale” expresses and acknowledges that in all commercial transactions for the buy-sale of land or housing, its CLIENTS (who for the purposes of this document may also be referred to as “the consumer”) have the following RIGHTS:

  1. To receive, regarding the real estate offered, truthful, clear and updated information and advertising, regardless of the means by which it is communicated, including digital media, in such a way that it allows the consumer to make the best purchase decision knowing truthfully the characteristics of the property he is acquiring, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.
  2. To know the information about the characteristics of the property, among them: the extension of the land, constructed area, type of structure, facilities, finishes, accessories, parking space, use common areas, services available and general physical condition of the property.
  3. To freely choose the property that best meets his needs and fits to his purchasing capacity.
  4. Not make any payment until the contractual relationship is recorded in writing, excepting for those referring to advance payments and operating expenses, under the terms provided by the Federal Consumer Protection Law.
  5. To sign an adhesion contract under the model registered in the Federal Consumer Office, stating the terms and conditions of the sale of real estate. After signing, the seller has the obligation to deliver a copy of the signed contract to the consumer.
  6. To acquire a property that has the safety and quality characteristics that are contained in the applicable regulations and reflected in the information and publicity that he had received.
  7. To receive the property within the term and conditions agreed with the supplier in the respective adhesion contract.
  8. If applicable, to exercise the guarantees on real estate provided for in the Federal Consumer Protection Law, considering the specifications provided for in the respective adhesion contract.
  9. To receive the corresponding bonus or compensation in terms of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, in the event that once the guarantee has been exercised, defects or failures persist in the property. Likewise, to carry out the necessary repairs in case of defects or failures attributable to the seller, or opt for the substitution of the property or termination of the contract when appropriate.
  10. To have free and accessible service channels and mechanisms for consultations, requests, claims and suggestions to Cabo 4 Sale, and know the address indicated by Cabo 4 Sale to hear and receive notifications.
  11. Right to protection by the competent authorities and in accordance with applicable laws, including the right to file complaints and claims before them.
  12. To have at his disposal a Privacy Notice to know the treatment that will be given to the personal data he provides and to consent it, if applicable; that his personal data is treated in accordance with the applicable regulations and, to know the mechanisms available to exercise his Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition.
  13. To Receive a treatment free of discrimination, without being able to deny or condition the attention or sale of a home for reasons of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious or any other particularity in the terms of the applicable legislation.
  14. To freely choose the notary public to carry out the deed process.

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